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Acupuncture (initial appointment)

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Acupuncture (follow-up appointments)

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Acupuncture West London
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Samara WillisSamara Willis
13:02 30 Jun 24
I've never reviewed somewhere on google before but I feel compelled to as it may help someone else struggling with TMJ who is considering acupuncture.For 3/4 years I had monthly flare ups with my jaw that left me with excruciating jaw and face pain. Even when I would numb myself with painkillers my jaw would be frozen meaning I could only eat liquids. I saw doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and had minor temporary relief but overall I was still suffering. When someone suggested acupuncture I was sceptical but had nothing to lose.Ben took such care in getting a thorough understanding of my pain and body functioning as a whole. He put together a plan focussing on my gut health to compliment our sessions.I saw him for 6 consecutive sessions in September and have only been back to him once in January of this year. 10 months with only one flare up is such an incredible result and I'm so grateful. Knowing that when I detect a flare up starting I can go and see Ben is such a comfort. I cannot recommend him more highly for a life changing outcome!!
Victor GPVictor GP
10:09 10 Jun 24
I’ve been working with Ben Carrigan for a couple of years regarding an ongoing health issue. I find Ben both very professional and very sensitive. He has greatly helped me re-establish balance in my system. I find his explanations very useful as they help me understand the body-mind connection. He has an excellent intuition: last time when taking my pulse as usual he was able to sense (through the energy in my body) an important shift that was occurring in my life even before I started to talk about it. The ensuing treatment and Ben’s explanations were very helpful. I would highly recommend Ben.
11:52 23 Apr 24
Ben has been wonderful in helping me with my fibromyalgia. He is so kind, patient, attentive and caring and has been instrumental in helping me get on top of the condition. He always explains what treatment he is carrying out so I fully understand what is happening to my body. He is determined to find the right treatment for you and is truly dedicated to helping his clients in their recovery. I don’t know what I would have done without him! Don’t hesitate to go and see Ben if you are having any issues - you won’t regret it!
Katie RocheKatie Roche
17:18 16 Apr 24
I was thrilled to come across Ben in my search for health support. He's not only amazing at addressing my specific health issues, but he also makes me feel completely at ease in his welcoming space. Ben's attentiveness and willingness to listen really stand out, and he offers valuable guidance beyond just the acupuncture session. I can't recommend Ben enough.
Francesca JamesFrancesca James
15:58 29 Mar 24
I have been having acupuncture treatments with Ben who is calm, knowledgeable & professional & whom I cannot recommend more highly. His treatments have helped my various health issues and more recently his treatment of my frozen shoulder has been nothing short of miraculous.
Diana CDiana C
05:31 25 Mar 24
I would definitely recommend the Acupuncture West LondonBen is Very knowledgeable.Always accommodating.Takes time to explain what he is doing, the session have been effective, as I have noticed change in my water intake and eating habits which was a problem before so thank you Ben for improving my quality of life.
Sam WoolfSam Woolf
17:41 19 Feb 24
Highly recommend Acupuncture West London for pain relief and rehabilitation. I've been to many acupuncturists who could help with temporary pain relief, but this was the first where treatment led to demonstrable improvement in the underlying condition. Ben is a great practitioner to work with.
Reuben BennettReuben Bennett
15:55 16 Feb 24
Ben is very knowledgeable! After one session my back spasms had completely disappeared, I now only see him rarely just to keep on top of any slight niggles, honestly couldn’t recommend his practice enough!
Victoria GrahamVictoria Graham
09:55 21 Dec 23
Ben has been helping me for over 2 months with my severe flare of Ulcerative Colitis. Conventional medical teams were saying there are no further treatment options for me and recommending sub-total colectomy but a radical change in my diet and Ben's acupuncture have currently rescued the situation. I have seen a massive improvement and owe a lot of it to Ben's knowledge and treatment plan. He is very professional and compassionate and I would highly recommend his services.
NickyM MartinNickyM Martin
20:04 29 Sep 23
I have had such a positive experience at West London Acupuncture; it was important for me to find a practitioner who was able to span both the western and Chinese medical models, as I have been fighting such a serious illness. Ben made all the difference as an adjunct to my hospital treatment, with a kind, reassuring presence and that rare thing, the ability to truly listen and tune in. Getting feedback from him always gives me a fresh perspective. I got a lot more information about the Acupuncture treatment than other practitioners have given me in the past too, which improved my confidence and understanding of the processes. I can’t recommend Ben enough; he’s someone you can really trust and very skilled in his field.
Sophie McIntoshSophie McIntosh
15:25 17 Sep 23
Ben has been absolutely wonderful in helping me with my headaches. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Stephanie StevensonStephanie Stevenson
12:51 13 Sep 23
Ben provides a great service, and is really good at explaining acupuncture to someone new to it. I was put at ease and achieved some great results.
Rumyana BotevaRumyana Boteva
14:23 05 Sep 23
The professionalism, the attitude towards the customers is very good!
Kit RichardsonKit Richardson
15:39 01 Sep 23
Ben is a kind, compassionate and deeply knowledgeable practioner who has remarkable intuition when it comes to the practice of acupuncture. I've been attending sessions to manage various mental health concerns and associated physical symptoms, and Ben has been able to translate these issues into specific treatments, adapted week by week based on where I'm at. He understands the importance of going slowly and working with the body - particularly important for anyone with trauma. Very much recommended, especially for skeptics :)
16:40 23 Aug 23
Wonderful experience. Great listener and interested in helping solve my long term issues.
Maximus DipatteMaximus Dipatte
20:55 13 Aug 23
Most highly recommended!!
Emily HopcroftEmily Hopcroft
11:16 01 Aug 23
I have been seeing Ben weekly for the past few months to support with a number of different issues and can highly recommend him. He is calm, measured and attentive, always listening to what is happening in the body and in life that week, and how to best tailor the treatment accordingly. Highly recommend him to anyone that is considering acupuncture to support with a variety of different treatments and medical challenges.
s. macwils. macwil
15:03 30 May 23
I honestly can’t say enough amazing things about Ben!!! He helped me so much during my recent trip to London. I had come off a 12 hour flight from California and about five weeks in from a horse fall to my tailbone. Needless to say, I spent the first night crying in my hotel room and finally googled an acupuncturist. Ben’s name came up with amazing reviews and I saw him a couple days later and then kept booking treatments during my week. He helped me so much and really got me all healed up. I can’t thank him enough and I’ll be seeing him again when I’m in London.Thank you so much again, Ben!!
Jade DouseJade Douse
09:36 30 May 23
I went to Ben for daily headaches and anxiety disorder.Other health issues I have:Digestive issues (15 years +)PsoriasisPCOSDry EyesI have had 5 sessions and am still currently receiving treatment but the progress so far is:Anxiety - immediate significant improvementHeadaches - improvement (however i do think they may be psychosomatic so am reading John Sarnos again)Dry eyes - CUREDGenerally i feel so much better in myself, i have more energy and theres so much more space and movement in my body, i am over the moon with the results. As the treatment is on going i can not yet comment on digestion as it has been a long standing issue and so i imagine will take some time, however Ben is working on it so Im confident it will improve and am hoping to see an improvement in my psoriasis and PCOS along with it.I will definitely continue to see Ben for as long as he practices as he’s changed my life!
Margaux DalgleishMargaux Dalgleish
16:29 21 May 23
Ben's acupuncture is absolutely incredible! It was my first time experiencing acupuncture and Ben made the whole experience incredibly rewarding with his calm energy and professionalism. I would highly recommend going if you have any pains or migraines, but also if you just want an overall boost in energy and mood. I would definitely recommend to anyone. 10/10 service!
Matt SelbyMatt Selby
16:17 21 May 23
I have been an advocate for acupuncture for some 20 years. I use it for its many health benefits but mainly to bring myself into balance. Ben Carrigan at Acupuncture West London has always delivered an excellent treatment based on what problems I have arrived with. He takes the time to listen and gives you the reassurance you need in order to feel relaxed and enjoy the treatment. He then lets the needles do the work!I can highly recommend Ben as an acupuncturist and thanks again for all those amazing treatments.
Eleanor ShipmanEleanor Shipman
16:08 19 Feb 23
I've been suffering from "invisible" mobility issues, and constant pain in my upper and lower back/shoulder due to an untreated slipped disc in my C-spine from approximately two years ago, and have had limited results from Physio/Osteopathy. I recently decided to try acupuncture, and whilst it hasn't entirely rid me of pain or discomfort (I wasn't expecting such!) I have been pleased with the results overall. In addition, my visits to the practice are always very relaxing, and I've been consistently treated with kindness, compassion and respect. I'll continue visiting Ben as a result. Thank you!
Paul HowgatePaul Howgate
18:23 02 Feb 23
I was referred to Ben by someone I know who thought acupuncture could be of assistance to myself, having never done it before I attended with an open mind and it’s been a great help.I did a session every week for 5 weeks and now do one every month. Ben is brilliant, he understands the body and mind extremely well, by having an open conversation before each session he is able to help with exactly what is needed. I couldn’t recommend Ben and the practice highly enough.
Kaina GabrieleKaina Gabriele
21:33 01 Feb 23
I started acupuncture with Ben more than a year ago and I have been very pleased with the treatment. Ben helped me go through some health issues and he always listens and gives advice. Highly recommended.
David McIlroyDavid McIlroy
07:48 01 Feb 23
I have been visiting West London Acupuncture Clinic under the guidance of Ben since August 22 due to suffering with Trigeminal Neuralgia Type A for the past 2 1/2 years and having undergone a number of procedures including radiotherapy all of which were unsuccessful and I now have been advised that this is a condition that will remain with me for the life.I will be honest, at first I was sceptical having never used acupuncture before however any assistance with the pain I would take my chances. Ben took his time in managing my condition, carefully listening to my symptom's and how I generally felt at the time while explaining how acupuncture can help and I can honestly say that within 6-8 sessions I felt a vast improvement and 6 months on I am now able to managing my pain due to regular visits with Ben while having a much improved quality of life, and those who suffer from this condition will relate to this.100% highly recommend Ben and his Clinic for those sufferers with Trigeminal Neuralgia or any other pain related injuries.Thank you Ben for all you have done and continue to do for me.DavidAged 47
Sarah BeaumontSarah Beaumont
14:51 27 Jan 23
I have been working closely with Ben over the last few months in my recovery from Fertility treatment. He is a lovely person and has really taken the time to understand my symptoms and support me holistically. I would definitely recommend Ben.
Emily ChampEmily Champ
12:23 24 Oct 22
Ben is so friendly and kind and explains what he is doing and how the acupuncture works. As a practicing reflexologist I was very interested to know of the overlap with our holistic care and have had interesting chats with Ben about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I find his treatment sessions very relaxing and they have really helped with the insomnia issues I was having. I highly recommend a visit.
Lena RobinsonLena Robinson
08:36 13 Oct 22
The positive impact Ben Carrigan has had on my health has been extraordinary. I have multiple chronic illnesses, (at one point it was so bad I was bedridden for over a year). The impact has been so positive that I've been able to ditch all of my pharmaceutical medications and I'm now well enough to re-engage with a Crossfit PT and pick up my weight training again. And the new found energy I have found has been incredible. (My flatmate had only known me as a sick person and since working with Ben she has said "You no longer look like a sick person".What I love about working with Ben is that he really listens, he has that he understands that the body needs to be healed holistically and has a strong understanding not only of Eastern Medicine, but also modern medicine as well (he understands when I explain things my specialists have tested or said/done).But most of all I love the fact that Ben is an instinctive healer. They are rare, all the books and training in the world can't create that ability.I would (and regularly do) recommend Ben to anyone that wants to their body to be given the best chance to heal itself.
Sarah JenkinsSarah Jenkins
16:03 28 Aug 22
I cannot recommend Ben more highly. A thoughtful, empathetic practitioner, who's diagnosis and treatment has really helped me . A very positive experience.
Sinead FogartySinead Fogarty
05:23 20 Jul 22
Ben is absolute magic ✨Having tried everything to deal with PCOS and barely scratching the surface of managing my symptoms I decided to look up acupuncture, I read lots of data on it and lots of reviews. I was still sceptical, but decided I had nothing left to lose at this stage. I was going to leave no stone unturned in my search for dealing with my symptoms because I just couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life feeling the way I did.Within 2 sessions, I’ve managed to receive my cycle at 21 days with a better flow, my previous 2 cycles were both 40+ and non existent. I haven’t had a healthy period like this since I was a teenager! My anxiety has reduced massively, my skin is starting to clear up too. I can’t wait to see what changes happen in the coming months.Ben is really knowledgeable and calming. He was able to pick up on things I did not expect him to at all!I would recommended acupuncture with Ben to anyone! & it was definitely worth travelling over an hour to get to, the reviews speak for themselves. Thank you Ben!
Vlad BaskakovVlad Baskakov
16:56 07 Jun 22
I’ve done 18 sessions with Ben and I am super happy with the results. Ben starts with a hypothesis and corrects the approach depending on how the body reacts. I’ve tested many acupuncturists beefier in multiple countries and Ben’s approach so far was the best. I saw the first results after 4-5 sessions (more energy, less stress, +20% HRV as tracked with Oura ring). I also came to Ben with a very specific health problem and I got significant improvements (again, tracked all the numbers and performed regular testing). I only stoped working with Ben because I relocated to another country.
Sophie DalgleishSophie Dalgleish
07:47 05 Jun 22
I was traveling around Europe recently and developed something called trigeminal neuralgia , the pain was sharp and constant and preventing me from enjoying my long awaited holiday . I began a treatment of acupuncture with Ben Corrigan and I felt the benefits straight away , with consultations 2 or 3 days apart to begin with . Ben explained every step of the treatment in a very eloquent and reassuring manner , he had a clear plan of action and was confident he would be able to help me . I can’t speak highly enough of Ben’s competence in acupuncture and I am pleased to say that in just over 2 weeks he helped me get better, end the pain and get my energy level back to where it was. I am so grateful to his knowledge and his practice as I had seen other specialists previously who didn’t give me any results . Thanks Ben , you deserve a 5 star review .
Aya ScarthAya Scarth
08:36 16 May 22
Due to awful headaches, jaw pain and feeling generally very stressed, I booked a series of appointments and since then, have felt so much better. 100% would recommend, it has helped me greatly!
Lucy FoneLucy Fone
15:07 09 May 22
Ben is not only very professional but puts you totally at ease. He has helped me a lot particularly after I got Covid. I felt absolutely shattered and low mood. By the next day I felt back to my normal self with much more energy. He has also helped with digestion problems. I highly recommend seeing Ben.
Rich HalsteadRich Halstead
15:23 08 Mar 22
I started acupuncture with Ben a couple of months ago after suffering from migraines and a slipped disc. Ben took the time to get to know me and really assess the symptoms, taking a holistic approach and I couldn't be happier with the results! Ben is professional and friendly - I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone.
Alexandra MatthewsAlexandra Matthews
15:58 05 Feb 22
I really look forward to my weekly acupuncture sessions with Ben. He listens carefully to how I am feeling and what I need, and I really feel that he cares about my well-being. He has a soothing, calming manner. I always leave our sessions feeling relaxed, and have noticed an improvement in my overall health. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone considering acupuncture, and even those who aren’t!
Lucy HarrisLucy Harris
13:24 05 Feb 22
Ben has a fantastically calm manner, he is someone you immediately trust. He understands what you need and what you don’t know you need! He has helped completely cure a 3yr tendon problem as well as work on my overall wellbeing. I am very grateful I found his practice and have already recommended him to several friends.
Rosie LeesonRosie Leeson
21:05 18 Jan 22
I cannot recommend Ben at Acupuncture West London enough. He is extremely knowledgeable, warm and friendly. The pain in my hip and lower back caused by sciatica has disappeared thanks to my sessions with him. The sessions have also worked on the emotional level, as well as the physical, and I experienced some profound healing through emotional release. I have also noticed my energy levels increase too. I would absolutely recommend visiting him. (:
Michael van BergenMichael van Bergen
19:20 12 Jan 22
Fully recommend Ben’s services as an acupuncturist. Great service and very relaxing! Ben has helped myself, my wife and even our 2 week old baby. He has a great bedside manner and really takes the time to explain. He goes above and beyond and is so flexible in accommodating appointments.
Olivier BoulardOlivier Boulard
12:32 17 Dec 21
Ben is an experienced and caring practitioner. He literally gave me back my body agility. And he treated also specific pain points or problems. Very professional and knowledgeable with a true concern for his patients.
Kelly SimmonsKelly Simmons
15:22 11 Nov 21
I can highly recommend Acupuncture West London. I have been a regular patient of Ben who has helped me greatly and continues to do so. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he is always happy to try and accommodate. I completely trust him with my Heath and well-being.
I couldn't be happier with my experience thus far at Acupuncture West London. Ben is a very talented and intuitive acupuncturist who really listens to you and your body. I have been going for a month or so and can already see a huge improvement in my health and anxiety.I would recommend Ben to anyone looking into acupuncture.
Foxy BFoxy B
15:51 10 Nov 21
Ben is professional and passionate about what he does. I've been going for acupuncture with him for almost a year and have been really happy with the results. His acupuncture treatments have been effective in treating me for everything from allergies, immune system boosting and low energy levels.
Robert ClatworthyRobert Clatworthy
11:52 10 Nov 21
I came to see Ben with some fairly severe and life limiting migraine and Menieres symptoms. After 5 weeks of acupuncture, massage and a special diet I am almost completely symptom for the vast majority of time. Also if I am symptomatic at all it is at a very low level when compared to before the treatment. Ben is great and I would highly recommend him personally and also the practice as a whole.
Lydia MelmethLydia Melmeth
10:06 16 Oct 21
Ben is a very knowledgeable and passionate acupuncturist whom I recommend to all my friends and clients! I have been going to his practice consistently for a year now and have never felt better.
Richard LundRichard Lund
09:50 16 Oct 21
Ben's service and ability are beyond a 5 star rating. With every treatment he takes the time and precision to understand what the client needs, and how best to treat them. He himself has a calming energy that takes away any anxiety associated with this type of treatment. As a fitness instructor I've seen Ben for various issues ranging from sports injuries, to psychological blocks. I've had no hesitation recommending him to clients of mine with similar issues. I recommend Ben's service to anyone who is looking for an effective way to better their health.
Laurence MaguireLaurence Maguire
08:09 23 Sep 21
1st class service, felt at ease and relaxed as soon as I walked in. It was my 1st time getting acupuncture done and it was totally pain free and quite relaxing.
Naomi JohnsNaomi Johns
15:33 07 Jul 21
I first went to see Ben with a very specific muscular issue that I wanted to resolve. However after a really in depth consultation talking about more than just muscle pain Ben took a different approach for which I’m incredibly grateful. As is often the way the symptom is very rarely the cause! I have now been working with Ben for a few months and feel so much more improved. He has been infinitely patient, considerate, sensitive to my needs and adapted his treatment depending on what he found on the day. If you want to improve your wellbeing, see a practitioner that’s really going to take the time to listen and not dish out the same treatment to every patient then please do go and see Ben. You won’t regret it. Thank you Ben!
thomas crossthomas cross
13:41 22 Jun 21
Ben Carrigan has been an excellent professional in providing regular Acupuncture treatment for me. I came to Ben with a long term medical condition which has caused me ongoing pain problems and a long term use of pain killers and anti inflammatory medication. Ben has successfully removed my dependency on medication by reducing inflammation and improving my all round health / body function. I can highly recommend Ben’s treatment to others.
Peter McCordPeter McCord
12:59 22 Jun 21
Ben has helped me manage back and neck issues ranging from acute sciatic pain down to the general stiffness and aches from poor posture and spending too long at a desk. Sometimes it has taken several treatments, often just a single one, but Ben has always managed to bring the relief from pain and give the freedom of movement that was required, and so is my first port of call when I feel something is wrong. I highly recommend him.
Natasha SmithNatasha Smith
19:46 21 Jun 21
Ben is a fantastic practitioner who is very thorough and professional. He has helped me regain strength and energy after a severe bout of Covid. I always feel at ease in the sessions due to his friendly nature and explanation of what he is doing. He has also taken the appropriate measures to make his practice Covid-safe. I would definitely recommend him!
Suki GibsonSuki Gibson
08:37 26 May 21
I cannot recommend Ben highly enough. I went to see him in desperation for a facial nerve problem that was very debilitating. He managed to totally clear the problem in just a few visits. Ben is very professional and knowledgeable and I won't hesitate to seek his help for any further problems!
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