Follow-up appointments take approximately 40 minutes

Acupuncture (follow-up appointments)

Channel Theory


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Your follow-up acupuncture treatment...

Review (5 mins)


A review of your general health since your previous appointment.

Treatment Plan (10 mins)


Prior to treatment, your practitioner will do the following:

  • perform a physical assessment: body, tongue and pulse diagnosis.
  • review your treatment plan and discuss the proposed locations for needle placement.

Your practitioner will then begin by placing very fine needles at these strategic points on your body.

To find out more about acupuncture, please click here.

Treatment (20 mins)


After placement, your practitioner may gently manipulate the needles to stimulate the acupuncture points or channels. Moxibustion, gua sha or cupping therapies may be added to the treatment at this point if necessary.

The needles remain in place for approximately 20 minutes. While you rest during this time, your practitioner may be tending to other patients in adjoining rooms.

Needle Removal (5 mins)


After approximately 20 minutes, all needles are removed and disposed of hygienically in sharps containers.

Finally, in line with your treatment plan, your practitioner will advise you when to book a follow-up appointment.