Appointments take approximately 30 minutes

Online Consultation (Breech Pregnancy Moxibustion)

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Your breech pregnancy moxibustion treatment explained...

Case History


An assessment of your general health and medical history, which includes an opportunity to raise any questions that you may have before treatment.

Treatment Plan


We will discuss your treatment plan and the proposed locations for applying moxibustion. Instructions will be discussed in detail and forwarded to you via e-mail for later reference.

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Postage/Collection of Moxa


Following your consultation, we will post moxa directly to you or make it available for collection  – whichever suits you best.

Self Treatment at Home


Once you receive the moxa, it is generally recommended that you apply it for 15 minutes each day for 10 days. You are welcome to follow up with us during this period with any further questions and/or concerns.