SP-6 三阴交 — Sān Yīn Jiāo or Three Yin Crossing

Sp-6 is located on the inside of the lower leg, 3 cun (or one hands’ breadth) above the prominence of the medial malleolus (ie. the highest point of the ankle bone). It is located in a depression on the medial side or inside of the tibia or shin bone.

Sp-6 is a powerful acupuncture point. Its name in pinyin is ‘San Yin Jiao’, which translates as ‘3 leg crossing’ and highlights its primary function as a meeting point of the three yin channels of the leg: kidney, spleen and liver. It is this connection that makes Sp-6 a primary point for tonifying the kidneys and spleen, and harmonising the liver—all key components in the creation and movement of qi and blood. Within this context, Sp-6 is said to regulate menstruation, and invigorate, cool and nourish the blood. However, its actions and indications are broad, and it is a primary point in the treatment of many digestive, gynaecological, sexual, urinary and emotional disorders as well as being indicated for skin conditions; for example, eczema and urticaria (hives). Finally, as a local point, Sp-6 can be used in the treatment of atrophy disorder and painful obstruction of the lower limbs.

As it facilitates a strong downward movement, Sp-6 is contra-indicated during pregnancy but is indicated, along with other acupuncture points, in the induction of labour for this very reason. It is also this downward movement that indicates Sp-6 in the treatment of difficult urination, anxiety, insomnia and more.


  • Forbidden in Pregnancy


  • Group Luo point for the Three Leg Yin (Kidney, Spleen and Liver)
SP-6 三阴交 — Sān Yīn Jiāo or Three Yin Crossing

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