Seasonal Energies – Chou 丑:

Within the Chinese lunar-solar calendar, we are now in the ‘Earth’ phase (Chou) – an 18-day transitional phase that facilitates the movement from Winter to Spring. 

Within the stillness of Winter (the peak of Yin energy represented by the ‘Water’ element) exists the seed of Yang energy. However, this Yang energy is still just potential and not yet manifest. It requires the quality and impetus of ‘Wood’ to move. Within nature, it is the movement of ‘Wood’ in combination with deep/seasonal energy ‘Earth’ that allows for the smooth transition between Winter and Spring. 

Within the body, it is no different. It is the movement of the Liver (‘Wood’ element and deep energy ‘Earth’) that facilitates the smooth transition between seasons and maintains the flow of qi and blood within the body.

What better way to prepare for the coming of Spring, therefore, than with the ‘Earth’ (deep energy) point on the Liver channel: Liv-3 (Tai Chong – Great Rushing)? Within the context of seasonal treatments, Tai Chong assists the body’s transition between Winter and Spring in preparation for Chinese New Year on January 25th 2020, which coincides with the second New Moon following the Winter Solstice.


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