Bright & Clear - Qīngmíng 清明
Qīngmíng 清明 – Bright and Clear

Bright & Clear – Qīngmíng 清明

In ancient China, 24 solar terms, or Jiéqì, existed to guide farmers in agricultural affairs and farming activities throughout the year—each of these periods lasting approximately 15 days. The Jiéqì are based on the sun’s position in the zodiac and reflect changes in climate, agricultural production, natural phenomena and other aspects of living.

Today, we enter the period of Qīngmíng, also known as Bright and Clear. Qīngmíng is the fifth solar term, which occurs annually on April 6th. It denotes Qingming Festival—also known as ‘Tomb Sweeping Day’ or ‘Pure Brightness’ Festival. Traditionally, Qīngmíng Festival is a time for sweeping tombs and commemorating our ancestors. It originated from the extravagant ceremonies that many ancient emperors and wealthy officials held in honour of their ancestors. They offered sacrifices to their ancestors and implored them to bless the country with prosperity, peace, and good harvests.

With our bodies existing as a microcosm of the world surrounding us, health care should focus on following nature’s progression. As the period of Bright and Clear begins, we must nurture the continued development of yang qi—the beginning of April becoming noticeably brighter and warmer. People start to wear lighter clothes and venture outside to feel the growth of spring.


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