At Acupuncture West London, we are currently in the early stages of developing a brand new podcast.

The podcast will look to delve into Chinese medicine concepts – from their most basic to the most advanced, and will endeavour to cover topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Classical Chinese philosophy
  • Point Location
  • Diagnosis
  • TCM Patterns
  • Different styles of acupuncture
  • Business strategies
  • and more…

It is my hope that it will serve as an educational and motivational tool – both for myself, and also for fellow students, practitioners and enthusiasts of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Within this context, the podcast will be looking to involve the wider student and practitioner community by means of regular guest interviews and Q&A sessions. This way, we can all continue to learn from and support one another in a relaxed and supportive environment.

With this in mind, I’m currently looking for ideas and topics to cover in the initial few episodes. If you have any ideas, or if there’s anything you’d like to hear more about, do drop me a line…And remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. It’s often the simple things that we take for granted that need the most thought. I look forward to learning as much from you as I’m hoping to be able to provide to you.


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Ben Carrigan BSc (Hons), Lic. Ac., AFN, FEA, MBAcC | Acupuncturist

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  • James T.

    Really looking forward to this. How often will you do them?

    • Acupuncture West London

      Thanks, James. To start with, we’ll be looking to do a monthly podcast. Hopefully, we can build it from there, but do get in touch if you have any questions at any stage.

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