Yu Shui 雨 水 – Rain Water

Rain Water – Yu Shui 雨 水

In ancient China, 24 solar terms existed to guide farmers in agricultural affairs and farming activities. They are based on the sun’s position in the zodiac and reflect changes in climate, agricultural production, natural phenomena and other aspects of living.

Today is Yu Shui 雨 水, also known as ‘Rain Water’. Yu Shui is the second solar term, which occurs annually between February 18th and 20th. Following the ‘Beginning of Spring’, the southeast wind begins to blow, and rain begins to increase. During Yu Shui the expansion of Yang in the natural environment continues. Yu Shui indicates the arrival of rain and warmer weather. According to an old Chinese proverb, “the rainfall in spring is as precious as oil”. Yu Shui is valued as a critical period for irrigation to grow crops, particularly in drier areas. 

Yu Shui is a time for supporting our Spleen and Stomach (the root of our post-natal qi). It is a time for improving and regulating our physical metabolism. 

Recommended eating:
• soups and stews
• root vegetables
• foods that are naturally sweet and warm

Examples include almonds, beef, carrots, cherries, chicken, chickpeas, coconut, dates, eggs, figs, ginseng, grapes, ham, lentils, liquorice, oats, potatoes, quinoa, rice, sardines, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, tofu, trout, venison…

Foods to avoid:
• cold foods and drinks
• refined sugars
• raw foods and salads


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