The Beginning of Spring
Lì Chūn 立春 – The Beginning of Spring

The Beginning of Spring – Lì Chūn 立春

In ancient China, 24 solar terms existed as a means to guide farmers in agricultural affairs and farming activities. They are based on the sun’s position in the zodiac and reflect changes in climate, agricultural production, natural phenomena and other aspects of living. This is often referred to as ‘the farmer’s calendar’.

On February 5th, 2023, we enter the period of Lìchūn 立春, also known as ‘the beginning of Spring‘. Lìchūn is the first solar term. It occurs annually between February 3rd and 5th and signifies the beginning of Spring. Following Lìchūn, all things come back to life with vigour – the ascension of Yang. Lìchūn informs the people to prepare for ploughing and sowing. However, caution is advised; although Spring has arrived, most areas in China are still cold.

With our bodies existing as a microcosm of the outside world, health care in Spring should focus on following nature’s progression. Treatment should involve protecting the Yang Qi (阳气). Within five-element theory, Spring has the quality of Wood and is most closely connected with the Liver. In Spring, therefore, taking care of the Liver is of utmost importance. In order to remain in harmony with the four seasons and the five elements, we recommend seasonal treatments to maintain this sense of balance as we transition through the year.


The Beginning of Spring
The 24 Solar Terms

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